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About Coach Dani Renee

Dani Renee is born and raised in Detroit, MI. I remember at a young age I wanted to be an entrepreneur, from watching Pretty Woman trying to understand what Richard Gere did to praying that we hit the lottery as a kid so that we could move out of Detroit. I knew then that having money would be the ticket out of an environment that I didn’t want to be in. So I put my focus into the film industry, and even though I still have a strong passion for the film industry, I just felt like you didn’t have to be broke chasing your dreams. So I took a break away from the industry to make a commitment to learning about finance. I went to learn about finance, not just for myself, but to show people that with careful planning you can live a life that you desire if you budget, save, and invest. Even more so, I like to teach people that they can develop a plan for living a life that they are happy with by leveraging a dream budget and through entrepreneurship living their dream life.

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